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Information about all of the African-American golf clubs, as well as black golfers and golfing in general  

Yes, BLACKS DO GOLF! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time to celebrate and acknowledge that the sport that has traditionally been exclusive to the affluent majority, has now been welcomed and enjoyed by all races.

The rise in Black income and crumbling stereotypes has a direct correlation to the increase of African Americans on the golf course. Today, Black golfers get greeted with stares and double-takes as many didn't get the memo that golf courses are no longer exclusive. So it's time for everyone get used to seeing Blacks on the links and in the clubhouse.

Featured Organization

United States African-American Golf Association


Founded in 1993, as the African American Golf Association (AAGA), the AAGA’s mission was to become a national organization that would promote the enjoyment of golf among African-Americans, and create a forum to network within both the African-American community and golf community at large. That mission was accomplished by conducting golf tournaments throughout the United States for golfers of all skill levels and professional backgrounds; and through establishing local AAGA chapters in major U.S. cities to host tournaments.

The USAAGA believes that golf transcends its status as just a game, and can be a catalyst to improving the quality of life for its participants and the people they touch. It can instill and promote qualities that are essential to leading a successful, fruitful, community serving life: honesty, integrity, and caring for others. While we provide functions that allow our members and guests to enjoy the game of golf to its fullest, they will be the conduit to provide and raise funds for scholarships to support minority students that are either:
1. Pursuing education or services designated to help promote and grow the participation in golf.
2. Pursuing higher education in the maths and sciences.